Cameron Holder

Industrial design portfolio


Wildlife response is an exceedingly important factor in Oil spill response. Without it, we run the risk of rare and vulnerable species becoming extinct. DR.POW (Deployable Rehabilitation Pool for Oiled Wildlife) is a product that aids in the process of rehabilitating wildlife during oil spill response. 


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It is a self-deploying rehabilitation pool that offers a safe environment for coastal species affected by oil spills to regain their health and increase their chances of survival when released back into the wild.

A key issue identified in oil spill response is time, this is why DR.POW has been designed to be almost completely self-deploying. To deploy, the user connects a hose to a decanting valve located at the base of the pool, as the membrane expands and fills with water, the telescopic-frame expands with it. The self-deploying nature of the pool allows for rapid deployment of multiple units at once.

Deployment phases.jpg
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Once the pool is fully deployed, it is 3.2m in diameter and 2.6m high, the PVC membrane holds 7500 Litres of water. The cover prevents the birds from escaping and is accessed through elasticated flaps that are tensioned to the membrane. 

The pool includes a waterjet system which directs floating debris towards the overflow port, disrupts the surface tension of the pool and simulates the ocean creating a more natural environment for the wildlife. 

The transportation crate has an attachable trampoline bed allowing it to be used as a rehabilitation pen for the animals at night. The crate is stackable and includes wheels for the user to transport it by hand if needed.

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