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Grow Your Own is an open source, flat packed, urbanized approach to communal gardens. The GYO system includes expandable hanging grids and durable, customizable planter boxes for growing small amounts of local produce or beautifying an otherwise tired and dull space. It opens up a dialogue between different growers, the urban space they’re using and how they can collectively raise the public consciousness about healthy eating and building more sustainable cities. 

Team: Carter Sheppard, George Wallis, Spencer Buchanan and Jeremy Evinson


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The long lasting, easy to manage materials designed into the GYO system ensure its style and dimension can be altered and expanded with ease. Each garden will be unique to it’s particular group of growers. GYO has a basic, hands on assembly so adding and managing a growing number of planters and growers is very simple.

Users of a GYO system will be able to connect with other users of their own shared garden and the wider online network of GYO users. Through the online service, users will share tips and ideas for open source modifications to GYO gardens. The sharing of ideas and the material adaptability of a GYO garden means it can be personalized to fit the specific needs of its user.


By installing GYO planter grids in to desolate and disused spaces, you open them up as relaxing and sociable places, where people can meet and share valuable practice growing local produce and learning new knowledge and techniques. Using a GYO garden in a populated and urban facility like a hospital, college, apartment complex or office would give people an opportunity to briefly escape their urban environment and connect with new people.